Posted on: March 30, 2010

I’m revamping this blog—expect excessive use of color, more pages, and a new header. :3

Timespan: 03-30-10 ~ 04-17-10

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This was the final episode.

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So, after about 3 weeks of my hiatus, we get this:

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UWAHHH~! Just finished reading it, and it was amazing! Such a nice break from the fillery Dokki Doki episodes we get nowadays…

Take a read; it’s good. :3

download from Futari wa Pretty Anon scanlations here.

My obsession. 8D

It’s the most incredible thing ever. The expressions and detail are simply amazing— and the story is on a totally different level—if that’s even possible.

Maybe some people think it ends abruptly, but I don’t think so. I think the ending is perfect and symbolizes a wonderful beginning of a brand-new story.
After all, there’s no such thing as just one life story, is there? There are many paths you can take and countless intertwined destinies in this world that we call home and in these lives we live.

Five stars all the way—give it a read. :]

Pucchi Puchi was pretty interesting with the X-character thing, but…I WANTED TO SEE THE OTHER CHARAS WITH Xs!!!! -throws tantrum-

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Pucchi Puchi: Pun Detective El is my idol. It was one of the better episodes, IMHO.
The Dia episode kinda-sorta annoyed me, though. I thought it was a bit useless and a waste of time…

Nanami (aka Dia) visited Itou Kanae (Amu and Dia’s seiyuu) today. There’s a new character song album coming out!

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